Where Do I Go From Here?

Once you have visited with us, you may be wondering, “Where do I go now?” With larger churches it’s easy to feel “lost in the crowd.” That’s something we work hard to correct. That is why we have developed three simple steps you can take to getting “connected” at International Community Church.

Step 1 – Connection Luncheon

After your first visit, we invite you to join Bishop Todd Rigney and some members of the International Community Church staff for a home-cooked meal. We know how important it is to see a familiar face in a new place, so this luncheon is a great way to meet Pastor Todd, eat some great food, and make some new friends. You’ll hear the heart of Pastor Todd as well as the vision and mission of International Community Church. You’ll learn about how God has a specific plan and purpose for your life. And you can feel free to ask any questions you might have. Plus, you will build relationships and get to know other newcomers and allow the staff to get to know you. This is where Pastor’s heart is—right with the people. One of his favorite things is to sit down and share a meal and his vision for the church with our newcomers.

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Step 2 – Discovering Your Purpose Class with Pastor Todd and Missy

This class gives our guests an opportunity to get acquainted with Pastor Todd and Missy and get to know other new people attending International Community Church. Pastor and Missy have a deep desire to help everyone to discover their purpose in God and His will for their lives. In this class he will share the history and vision of our church, and there will be opportunity to ask questions. People are encouraged to come dressed casual. Light refreshments will be served. It is a relaxing and inspiring time. For your convenience we do have a nursery, as well as classes for children and youth.

Step 3 – Discipleship

International Community Church’s vision statement is “Building Champions for God’s Kingdom.” Here at International Community Church, we believe that you have to be intentional about becoming a champion. Just because you attend a church service doesn’t automatically make you a champion. Champions are people with the heart of God. You hear God in their voice and see it in their eyes and actions. The first step in hearing and following Christ (to be a disciple) is to know His Word—the Bible. There are four Discipleship areas of study that are offered to all those who attend International Community Church: 1. Foundations; 2. The Christian Family; 3. The Church Family; and 4. Lifestyle Evangelism. Each phase builds upon the previous to allow the student to have a well-rounded understanding of God’s will for his/her life. Discipleship is offered throughout the year and is offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Below is a short description of each phase:

Foundations — This phase will help lay the foundation that God will build a champion out of. Some believers find it good to go back through this class to freshen up and fill in those cracks where they may have forgotten some of the first things.

The Christian Family — This phase will offer you the opportunity to have a true understanding of what it is to have a Christian home. Your home is your sanctuary. You come to church once, maybe twice, a week. You’re at home every day. It’s time to see how to make your home a place where God’s love is all the time.

The Church Family — This phase will offer the student the ability to understand what it means to be in the family of Christ. You’re not in this alone. You have an entire world of Christians willing and waiting to help you in your journey to discover yourself in Christ. To be God’s champion takes a family.

Lifestyle Evangelism — This phase offers the student an opportunity to learn how to share their faith through their everyday life. This means at church and outside the walls of the church. We also have a variety of other adult classes throughout the year. You can review the Life Groups brochure or call the church office for the latest listing of classes (301-663-5444).