Inclement Weather Policy 

International Community Church

As we approach the winter season, we recognize the need to communication our inclement weather policy.  We will make every effort to continue with our scheduled ministries and programs; however, keeping in mind the safety of our members. Should you have any questions, please email

inclementweather Church-wide Communication

·         In the event of a closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather or other emergency, an announcement will be placed prominently on the church website and on the church voicemail at 301-663-5444.

·         Office staff will attempt to notify the contact person for affected activities.

·         A determination of church program status will be made and communicated as expeditiously as possible. The goal is to make a determination by 6:00 am for morning and daytime operations and activities, and by 2:00 pm for evening activities. Sometimes there are circumstances that make these timelines unrealistic. We appreciate your understanding.

Worship Services, Sunday Programs, and Special Events

·         Every effort will be made to conduct Sunday morning worship and Sunday School. Only extremely hazardous weather, impassable travel conditions, severe damage to facilities, and/or a power outage at the church will cause a cancellation.

·         If at all possible, weddings, funerals, and major one-time special events will be conducted as scheduled.

·         Cancellation of Sunday evening programs will be announced on the voicemail message at 301-663-5444, and posted prominently on the ICC website as soon as possible.


Program Activities

        ·        For information regarding time changes or closing of the ICC Child Development Center, please call 301-663-1297

Weekday Office Operations

The church office will remain open whenever possible. The Leadership Team will determine if the weather conditions are too extreme for the office to open. In the event that the office is closed, an announcement will be available on the voicemail message at 301-663-5444 and on the ICC website.