Vision: To build strong marriages between a man and woman that promote healthy families and strong communities that glorify God and are witnesses to the world.

Mission: To equip marriages through training, fellowship, and prayer to become powerful Christian couples through God's plan for them.

Marriages can be complex… but are blessings to us. When we try to balance family, careers, church, and other important factors…marriage can become complex.  Learn to use your challenges, struggles, and your joys to draw you closer to God to develop the Christian character God wants you to have.  A healthy marriage affects your physical health, finances, and children's education.

You are invited to join us for…

♦Seminars and workshops- to equip couples with tools and education to help them navigate through their marital journey.

♦Date Nights and Fellowship – to gather for adult only nights for games, movies, or free-style hot topics with biblical principles.

♦Marriage Enrichment Small Groups – geared towards recommended reading and discussions in small groups on topics such as team work, communication, respect & love, and more!