Discipleship 101, Discovering Your Purpose


Join Pastor Price and Sis. Ann in Discovering Your Purpose in Mary Lee’s Café. In this class you will discover your gifts and how to use them for His glory. You will learn about our different ministries here at International Community Church and will have a chance to get involved in the ministry that best suits your gifts.


Discipleship 201

After you graduate out of Pastor’s class, then you will begin Me and God, with Tonya Chubb in Room 201. Topics covered will be Spiritual Disciplines, Theology, Evangelism and Practical Commitments.


Discipleship 301

Once you completed 201, then it’s time to begin Relationships, with Douglas Chubb in Room 202.  Topics covered in this class will be all about relationships in church, family, marriage, friends and the world.


ICC Seminary

                For those desiring a deeper understanding of God’s word and His plan for man, ICC offers courses or helps from two different schools.  For those who want a fully accredited diploma or certificate, there is Global University (www.globaluniversity.edu).  ICC offers the same format with International Seminary (www.internationalseminary.com).  Both are reasonably priced and offer a wide range of learning opportunities.

ICC’s study center allows the GU student to learn at their own pace and receive quality assistance from a qualified local mentor. This would apply to either institution or other, such as the COG seminary offerings. Session times are Sunday and Wednesday, but may be adjusted to fit the need of students.