FrontLine Singers

The role of a FrontLine Singer is to serve as a lead worshipper, to encourage the congregation, and to vocally create a worshipful atmosphere during a service. These vocalists have more in-depth practices that are designed to help learn songs and harmonies, and grow in vocal ability. If you love to sing harmonies and desire to lead in worship with a group of passionate singers who love to blend their voices together and praise. The FrontLine Singers are selected from within the Worship Choir, so if you are interested, come join us in the Worship Choir rehearsal on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary!


Worship Choir

International Community Worship Choir is a dynamic group of worshippers who sing praises to the LORD in the Sunday services and assist in leading the congregation in worship. They also participate in our Seasonal productions and special services. While their primary focus is worship, they also practice choral music, special songs, and work on developing their vocal ability. If you love to sing praises and love music, then come join us Thursday evenings in our Worship Choir rehearsal at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary!



To play an instrument skillfully before the Lord with excellence is a great way to praise God. And to do so in a group of musicians playing together to the Lord helps to create an atmosphere of praise to God! Our musicians play for our weekly services, special events, and productions and have regular practices on a weekly basis- Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm.

If you play an instrument and desire more information on how to be a part of this dynamic ministry, please contact Lauryl Lewis, Music & Arts Minister at or call 301-663-5444.