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  • June 20, 2021 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We are so happy that you are interested in Child Dedication. Children are a great gift from God. God has created a new life in this world and that is definitely something to celebrate! We want to help you create an unforgettable memory of the promise that you’ve made to lead your child in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. These days families are busier than ever, but we invite you to take a moment to focus on what really matters the most and what will affect your child’s future the most. No one will have more influence on your child than YOU! We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. It is our hope that we can partner with you from the very beginning. We want to be your biggest fans, your strongest supporters, and your trusted guides as you raise your child to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


STEP 1: If you would like to schedule a dedication, fill out this online form here:


STEP 2: We would love for you to invite your family and friends to participate with us in this special time of dedication and celebration. Just let us know how many you expect to join you in service so that we can reserve the appropriate amount of seating. You can click here to give us that information and we will mail out invitation cards! :


STEP 3: The Grand Finale! Actually, it’s just the beginning. Once you have completed STEPS 1 and 2, we look forward to having you, your family and your friends participate in the special dedication service. This is about a commitment to put God first in your home and to trust in Him as your source of direction as you lead your family. It is also a time for your family to share with your closest friends and family what is most important to you and to ask them for their prayer and support. Our desire is that you will surround yourself with family and friends who will pray for you, support you, give you good advice, listen to your struggles, and when life gets tough, help you remember what matters most. We also hope that you will partner with us every Sunday by encouraging your child to fully participate with us as we create environments to lead him or her into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


What to expect at the Child Dedication Service

  • We will reserve seating for your family and friends. Just let us know how many to expect.
  • Come to the Information Desk before service and an usher will seat you in the reserved seating area.
  • At the scheduled time, Pastor will call you up on stage.
  • The media team will start the slideshow presentation to play in the background.
  • Pastor will then share his thoughts and will lead you in a prayer of dedication.
  • You will be presented with a small gift and a certificate of dedication.


This event is not infant baptism. (We believe that when people are old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Jesus as their personal Savior, they should have the opportunity to make that choice themselves)